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This article highlights current issues on medical treatment of chronic periodontitis. The lack of effective comprehensive approach to treatment of chronic periodontitis requires to seek for new treatment strategies, which will be based on pathogenetic features of disease development. Experimental study with Wistar rat strain was used as a model of chronic periodontitis created by inserting a 12 mm needle into the periodontal space of the lower incisor. More than 30 models of chronic periodontitis were obtained. A method of conservative therapy by using an immunomodulator (polyoxidonium) was proposed. The aim of the study was to evaluate efficacy of polyoxidonium in treatment of chronic periodontitis model. To do this, we compared efficacy of treatment with polyoxidonium and treatment with an antibacterial drug, Metrogil Denta gel. Development of model of chronic periodontitis was performed in two groups of our study. In the first group, periodontitis was treated with polyoxidonium injected into alveolar process mucosa of the lower jaw. In the second group – antibacterial gel “Metrogil Denta” was applied to the area of inflammation. Finally, clinical and histological assessment of therapeutic efficacy was performed. It was found that the main clinical parameters after immunomodulatory therapy were not inferior to those obtained after treatment with Metrogil Denta gel. During treatment, hyperemia, edema, and bleeding gums were decreased in both groups. Evaluation of clinical data after treatment with polyoxidonium suggested that improved parameters evidenced about good immune-mediated activity of the drug and need to continue further efficacy examination in treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases. To assess the histological picture, 60 decalcified sections were examined (two per each animal, respectively). Data from control group without treatment were described previously, and were used for comparison. Histological examination confirmed ongoing healing process in all three groups. In group 1 treated with immunomodulator, pharmacological properties of polyoxidonium favorably affected regeneration of periodontal tissue, which, however, required longer period of time, more than 20 days. It proves a pronounced efficacy of polyoxidonium in treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases, even as a standalone therapy without combining with antibacterial drugs.

About the authors

N. G. Sarkisyan

Ural State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
Sarkisyan N.G., PhD, MD (Medicine), Assosiate, Department of Therapeutic Dentistry and Propedeutics of Dental Diseases Russian Federation

L. I. Drozdova

Ural State Medical University

Drozdova L.I., PhD, MD (Veterinary), Professor, Department of Morphology, Expertise and Surgery Russian Federation

D. S. Umarova

Ural State Medical University

Umarova D.S., Student, Faculty of Dentistry Russian Federation

D. A. Solovyova

Ural State Agrarian University

Solovyova D.A., Student, Faculty of Dentistry Russian Federation

K. A. Khlystova

Institute of Immunology and Physiology, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences

Khlystova K.A., Postgraduate Student, Institute of Immunology and Physiology Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2020 Sarkisyan N.G., Drozdova L.I., Umarova D.S., Solovyova D.A., Khlystova K.A.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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