Vol 21, No 3 (2018)

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Elisa detection of cytokine levels to determine the dynamics of the flow inflammatory process

Aznabaeva L..., Zherebyatyeva О..., Mikhailova E..., Kirgozova S..., Machalova G..., Fomina M..., Elagina N..., Fedorova T..., Mironov A...


The work carried out an assessment using ELISA level of serum cytokines and biological fl uids of persons who have undergone purulent-infl ammatory diseases of the urogenital tract. The object of the study was the cytokine profi le of 98 men with gonococcal infection and 40 patients with nonspecifi c urethritis. The study showed that the established values of cytokine levels were used as markers of the volume of urogenital infl ammation, which served as the basis for the development of a method of diagnosis and prediction of the course of the infectious process. The revealed diff erences in the immunocytocin profi le can contribute to the disclosure of the mechanisms of formation of various forms of infection, as well as to determine the methodological and tactical approaches to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with sexual and reproductive health disorders.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):195-198
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Features of the cytokine profile and relationships of polymorphisms of the immune system with levels of serum cytokines in individuals exposed to chronic radiation exposure

Akleyev A..., Blinova E..., Kotikova A...


The article presents the results of the cytokine profi le study in Techa riverside residents exposed to chronic irradiation in diff erent periods of ontogenesis, as well as the relationship of the carrier polymorphic variants of genes IL1b, IL2, IL4, IL6, IL8 and TNFα with the content of the corresponding cytokines in the blood serum of irradiated persons. The decrease in the levels of pro-infl ammatory (IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6) and anti-infl ammatory (IL-4, IL-10) cytokines was noted in Techa riverside residents, whose period of intrauterine and childhood development fell out on the time of maximum radioactive discharges relative to groups of persons irradiated only in the postnatal period. Also, the connection of polymorphic rs1800872 gene IL10 with IL-10 content in blood serum was revealed.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):199-204
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Does the apoptosis of lymphocytes affects on the immune status of the persons in the remote terms after chronic radiation exposure?

Akleyev A..., Blinova E..., Dolgushin I...


In the remote period after chronic radiation exposure with predominant exposure to red bone marrow (average dose – 1.04±0.17 Gy, individual dose values: 0.01–2.96 Gy) in individuals with an increased frequency of apoptosis of peripheral blood lymphocytes there was no decrease in the number of T-lymphocytes and their main subpopulations, as well as B-lymphocytes and cells of innate immunity in the blood. The average values of the majority of indicators characterizing the innate immunity and serum cytokine levels in them corresponded to those in irradiated people with normal levels of peripheral blood lymphocytes apoptosis. In the exposed individuals with elevated levels of apoptosis of lymphocytes an increase in indicators of spontaneous NBT-test of neutrophils and reduced levels of serum IFNγ were observed. The results of the study showed that in the long term after chronic radiation exposure induction of peripheral blood lymphocyte apoptosis did not lead to the secondary immunodefi ciency development.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):205-210
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The effectiveness of intermittent hypoxic barochambers in bronchial asthma in children and adolescents

Alemanova G..., Popova L..., Vivtanenko T...


Author performed complex examination and treatment of 103 children aged 5–11 years old and adolescents aged 12–16 years old with bronchial asthma (BA). Data of performed study permitted to select peculiarities of changes in breath system functional state, in electoencephalography, in immune reactivity, level substance P after adaptation to hypoxia during interval hypoxic training. Author showed high effi cacy of interval hypoxic training in complex BA treatment.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):211-215
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Peculiarities of the exposure of the antibiotics of the macrolid group on the functional activity of neutrophilic granulocytes of peripheral blood in vitro

Baturina I..., Savochkina A..., Gromakova K..., Nikushkina K..., Emelyanov I..., Zotova M..., Mezentseva E...


Dose-dependent eff ects of antibiotics and their eff ect on immune cells of the body, in particular neu-trophilic granulocytes, are still poorly understood. The method of fl ow cytometry was determined by the  minimum eff ective dose of chemomycin by assessing the degranulation of neutrophils. It was found that under the action of minimum eff ective dose chemomycin neutrophils form neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), which are one of the mechanisms of adaptive immunity. It is noteworthy that the release of NETs in response to the action of chemomycin was not dependent on gender.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):216-221
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Antipeptide activity of intestinal microsyмbyonts for the state of intestinal homeostasis estimation

Bondarenko T..., Danilova E..., Chainikova I..., Chelpachenko O..., Ivanova E..., Perunova N..., Nikiforov I...


The paper presents the results of antipeptide activity against pro (TNFα, IFN-γ, IL-6, IL-17) and anti-infl ammatory (IL-10) cytokines of exometabolites of the intestinal microfl ora, isolated in patients with eubiosis, dysbiosis of the large intestine and reactive arthritis. Diff erences in strains of normofl ora and opportunistic microorganisms isolated from various sources, the spectrum of cytokines and the level of their decrease their content in the culture medium were determined upon co-cultivation with exometabolites of the cultures of microorganisms under study. The results obtained can be used to assess the immunoregulatory properties of microfl ora in various microecological conditions of the human colon and in extraintestinal infl ammatory pathology.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):222-226
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The network interaction of the neurocytocine system in the context of social adaptation of children with autism spectrum disorders

Burmistrova A..., Filippova Y..., Timofeeva A...


The paper presents the results of the study of neurocytokine interactions in children with autism spectrum disorders with diff erent levels of social adaptation. Two excellent images of functional networks were revealed: in the group “ASD, social contact” – a network with a small number of correlation links – “image of delayed neurodevelopment”; in the group “ASD, without social contact” – the network of correlations is tense, indicating the activation of the sympathetic-adrenal axis, which is the base in the adaptation reaction “fi ght/ fl ight” or “frozen behavior” – the image of the “closed system”. 

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):227-232
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The role of mielopeptides MP-5 and MP-6 in regulation of the functional activity of peritoneal macrophages under immobilizational stress

Gein S..., Gavrilova T..., Gein O..., Kadochnikova Y..., Chereshneva M..., Chereshnev V..., Kirilina E...


The results of the study of the eff ect of MP-5 and MP-6 myelopeptides on the antibody response,  production of reactive oxygen species, IL-1β and IL-10 by peritoneal macrophages of mice against a back- ground of 6 hours of immobilization stress in vivo are presented. The stimulating eff ect of MP-5 and MP-6  on the production of reactive oxygen species and IL-1b by peritoneal macrophages was stimulated 6 hours after their administration. Myelopeptides also neutralized the inhibitory eff ect of immobilization stress on zymosan-induced production of reactive oxygen species by peritoneal macrophages and the antibody formation in the spleen.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):233-237
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Investigation of immunofarmacological properties of medicinal medicine with methyonine and extract of kurcum in vitro

Gizinger O..., Simonyan E..., Khisamova A...


An analysis was made оf the presence оf antiоxidant and additiоnal immunоstimulating prоperties in an in vitrо cоmpоsitiоn frоm methiоnine and turmeric. Determinatiоn оf catalase activity with respect tо methiоnine, curcuma, curcuma and methiоnine cоmpоsitiоn was carried оut оn the mоdel оf neutrоphilic granulоcytes оf peripheral blооd оf dоnоrs by reactiоn with ammоnium mоlybdate, the functiоnalmetabоlic status оf neutrоphilic granulоcytes was studied in terms оf activity and intensity оf phagоcytоsis, activity and intensity оf neutrоphilic granulоcytes in NBT- test. It was shоwn that the jоint incubatiоn оf neutrоphilic granulоcytes оf blооd frоm healthy dоnоrs with a sоlutiоn оf turmeric and a cоmpоsitiоn оf turmeric and methiоnine has a high antiоxidant activity.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):238-241
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Clinical-immunological and microbiological efficiency of integrated therapy at the stages of prevention and treatment of chronic adenoiditis in children with use of the laser of low intensity

Gizinger O..., Shetinin S..., Karandashov V..., Baranov A..., Zavgorodniy E..., Chernyavskaya N...


The results of the study of the eff ectiveness of the use of lateral education with chronic recurrent adenoiditis are presented. The laser therapy with the «Mustang» apparatus. Red continuous radiation (wavelength 0.63 μm, output power 6–8 mW) acted endonally for 60 s, used a conventional therapeutic radiation dose of 0.5 J / cm2, the duration of the course is 10 sessions. in a group using nasopharyngeal irrigation with a physiological and chemical laser. the normative intervention, the elimination of the receptor landscape of peripheral blood lymphocytes, signifi cantly decreased the degree of contamination with the pathogenic microfl ora of the pharyngeal tonsil, which infl uenced the reduction in the number of exacerbations of chronic adenoiditis and reduced the brevity and frequency of use of systemic antibacterial therapy. planned programs for the annual treatment of children with chronic recurrent adenoiditis.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):242-246
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Comparative analysis of mettaloproteinase system and their tissue inhibitors at periodontitis in patients with diabetes mellitus type II

Golitsyna A..., Yugai Y..., Chagina E..., Pervov Y..., Romanchuk A...


The article presents the results of a comparative study of the systemic and local levels of matrix metalloproteinases MMP-2, MMP-8, MMP-9 and their tissue inhibitors TIMP-1, TIMP-2 in patients with periodontitis and type II diabetes (group I) and periodontitis without diabetes mellitus (group II). 65 patients were examined, including: 30 patients. – I group and 35 people. – II group. The control group consisted of healthy volunteers (30 people). In both patients, a signifi cant increase in MMP-9, TIMP-1, -2 in the serum, an increase in MMP-2, -8, -9, TIMP-1, -2 in saliva, as well as MMP-8 and MMP-9 in the blood obtained from the microcirculatory bed of the gingival patients. A decrease in MMP-2 and MMP-8 levels in the blood serum, as well as a decrease in the levels of MMP-2 and TIMP-2 in the blood, obtained from the ICR of the gingiva in patients of groups 1 and 2, was determined. In patients with periodontitis against diabetes mellitus II, hyperproduction of MMP-9 was established, as well as an increase in the levels of TIMP-1 in blood obtained from the ICR of the gum. In the group of patients without concomitant pathology, on the contrary, there was a more pronounced increase in MMP-8 levels, as well as an increase in TIMP-1 in saliva and TIMP-2 in serum.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):247-254
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Immune biomarkers of in-stent restenosis after percutaneous coronary interventions in myocardial infarction and stable angina patients

Grachev N..., Semenikhin A..., Turmova E..., Rublev V..., Nazarenko S..., Anohina N...


The study was aimed to assess the prognostic role of infl ammation biomarkers to evaluate the risk for restenosis in myocardial infarction and stable angina patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention. The blood samples were tested immediately before and 7 days after percutaneous coronary intervention for IFN-γ, IL-6, IL-8, IL-17, TNF-α, TNF-β, TGF-β1 and TGF-β2. The key predictors of restenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention during one year were abnormal rates of IFN-γ pre-PCI (OR=5,21) and 7 days after (OR=3,84), IL-6 pre-PCI (OR=1,59), IL-8 pre-PCI (OR=1,73), IL-17 pre- PCI (OR=3,07) and 7 days after (OR=2,34), TNF-α pre-PCI (OR=1,88), TNF-β pre-PCI (OR=1,98) and growth factors: TGF-β1 7 days after PCI (OR=1,82) and TGF-β2 7 days after PCI (OR=2,04).

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):255-260
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Immunobiochemical markers of the gematoentsefalitics barrier and autosensibilization at early forms chronic ischemia of the brain

Davydova E..., Zurochka A..., Altman D...


The level of neurospecifi c proteins and autoantibodies to the subunit NR2 of the NMDA receptor in veterans with early forms of chronic cerebral ischemia was studied. It was shown that these patients had permeability disturbances of the blood-brain barrier with the growth of autosensibilization processes to brain antigens, which may be one of the mechanisms of progression of chronic cerebral ischemia and a predicted failure of cerebral circulation compensation in patients with progressive course of chronic cerebral ischemia. On the other hand, the defi nition of neurospecifi c proteins in the systemic circulation may be promising for the diagnosis of early stages of chronic cerebral ischemia, when other objective methods of research may be of little informative.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):261-267
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Impact of subcutaneus allergenspecifi c immunotherapy on the level of cytokines in nazal secretions of children with combined forms of respiratory pollene allergy

Emelina Y..., Zurochka A...


In children with concomitant respiratory forms of pollen allergy after three courses of the subcutaneous immunotherapy in nasal secretions investigated levels of G-CSF, GM–CSF, IL-10, IL-12p70, INF-gamma, IL-13, IL-17A, IL-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-7, TNF-alpha, IL-8, MCP-1, MIP-1β. Children with combined forms of respiratory allergy to pollen trees in remission of allergic disease at the local epitope (in the nasal mucosa) had signs of chronic infl ammatory process with violation of the immune response by increasing the synthesis of pro- and decreased of production anti-infl ammatory cytokines and gain of reactions aimed at elimination of the allergen. After the subcutaneous immunotherapy showed reduction index IL-1β/INF-¬, IL-1β/IL-4, IL-1β/IL-12 and MIP-1β/IL-12.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):268-275
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The effect of 2-morpholino-5-phenyl-6H-1, 3, 4-thiadiazine hydrobromide on the change of hematological indices of rats with alloxan diabetes

Emelyanov V..., Brilliant S..., Gette I..., Danilova I..., Klyueva Y..., Sidorova L..., Tseitler T...


The article presents data on the eff ect of substituted 1, 3, 4-thiadiazine on the change in hematological parameters of rats with alloxan diabetes. It was found that the synthetic compound L-17 has the ability to correct hematological disorders in rats with alloxan diabetes.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):276-280
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Impact on ceruloplasmin on the chemiluminescence of neutrophils in chronic submaximal exercise capacity

Ermolaeva E..., Kantyukov S..., Petuhova V..., Surina-Marysheva E...


Exercise simulated in an experiment on 59 white rats. Chronic physical load submaximal power modeled daily swimming for 30 minutes. The load was increased gradually: the fi rst seven days, the animals swam every day without a load, the next two weeks the animals swam with a load of 2% of body weight. On 9, 15 and 21 day of the experiment, the animals were subjected to an additional maximum exertion: swam for 4 minutes with a load weight of 20% of body weight. Blood sampling was carried out on 9, 15 and 21 days after the experiment exercise intracardiac. Ceruloplasmin was administered on the 1st, 4th and 7th day of physical activity, in a total dose of 60 mg / kg of body weight. The intensity of free radical oxidation in whole blood was investigated by luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence. Under experimental conditions in rats, it was shown that in the case of chronic physical exercise of submaximal power, the production of free radicals in neutrophils decreases. The introduction of ceruloplasmin does not lead to a reduction in the reduced production of free radicals by neutrophilic leukocytes during physical activity.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):281-285
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The reaction of neutrophils in chronic exercise of varying intensity

Ermolaeva E..., Kantyukov S..., Yakovleva V...


In the experiment on rats shows that chronic submaximal exercise and moderate power leads to an increase in neutrophils with change of their functional activity. Chronic physical load of moderate power there is a decrease in chemotaxis. Phagocytic function changes is ambiguous – phagocytosis activity increases and intensity decreases. Chronic submaximal exercise indices of functional activity of leukocytes remain within the control values.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):286-289
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Immunological features of reactive arthritis depending on the inflammatory activity

Zhuravleva M...


The analysis of the immune status in 150 patients with reactive arthritis (ReA) depending on the infl ammatory activity of the disease was carried out. A statistically signifi cant inhibition of T-dependent reactions (CD3+-, CD8+- and CD4+), inhibition of neutrophil phagocytic activity, increase in blood proinfl ammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IFN-γ, IL-8) is directly proportional to the increase in the degree of disease activity. Increased content of CD20+, CIC, IgA and Ig M. There is an imbalance of cytokines and the dependence of their concentrations on the degree of infl ammatory activity of ReA, with an increase in which the content of IL-6, TNF-α, IFN-γ increases in direct proportion, which should be taken into account in the therapy.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):290-294
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Experimental justification of the possibility of creating the new metabolic drug

Zabokritsky N..., Sarapultsev P...


This scientifi c work is devoted to the study of the possibility of creating a new metabolic drug (using biologically active substances of the probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis B-3679) for use as a preventive and therapeutic agent for infl ammatory diseases of tissues and organs of the oral cavity. Previously, the metabolites of spore probiotic microorganisms were practically not used for the design of medical pharmacological preparations.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):295-300
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Development of experimental sample of a new hepatoprotector

Zabokritsky N...


The present research is devoted to the design of combined hepatoprotector using culture strain Bacillus subtilis B-9906 and isolated from the same strain of the metabolic complex. A series of experiments with the use of explanted rat hepatocytes in the modeling of toxic carbon tetrachloride in direct experiments has demonstrated the presence of hepatoprotective action directly in the metabolic complex. The increase in proliferative activity of hepatocyte cell culture was observed after 48 hours, the culture was fully restored after 96 hours.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):301-305
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The role of human chorionic gonadotropin and its peptide fragments in the regulation of IDO expression by human monocytes

Zamorina S., Timganova V., Bochkova M., Khramtsov P., Raev M...


The role of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and its peptide fragments of β-subunit (LQGV, AQGV, VLPALP) in the regulation of indolеamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) expression in human monocytes was studied in vitro. It is elucidated, that a high concentration of hCG (20 μg/ml) had an independent stimulatory eff ect on the expression of IDO in LPS -, and the IFN-γ – induced monocytes. Peptides AQGVand LQGV (20 μg/ml) also stimulated LPS-induced expression of IDO, but had no eff ect on IFN- γ-induced expression of the enzyme. At the same time, peptide VLPALP (20 μg/ml) provided the stimulatory eff ect only on the IFN-γ-induced expression of IDO. Simultaneously, peptides AQGV and VLPALP increased the production of IL-1β monocytes under LPS-stimulation, while hCG did not exert any independent eff ect. Generally, hCG and oligopeptides of β-hCG subunit enhance the expression of IDO by monocytes, which eventually contributes to peripheral immune tolerance development.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):306-310
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Features of the infectious process in patients with HPV-associated ectopia of the cervix uteri

Zotova M..., Nikushkina K..., Mezentseva E..., Baturina I..., Loginova Y..., Samuseva I..., Smirnova T..., Nikonova T..., Gromakova K...


The work is devoted to the evaluation of the role of factors of innate immunity in cervical ectopy associated with papillomavirus infection. All women underwent viral load determination and genotyping of human papillomavirus (16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 types) by real-time PCR. The study of the cytokine profi le (IL 1β, RAIL-1, IL-2, IL-4, IL-8, IL-10, TNF-α, IF-α, IF-γ) and neutrophilic immunity of cervical mucus in women with ectopia of the cervix, associated with the human papillomavirus of oncogenic risk. According to the results of the study, a wide spectrum of oncogenic types of human papillomavirus was identifi ed, among which the highly aggressive type 16 was the leader. In 28.95% of cases, infection was detected by several types of the virus, and in 74.93% of cases, signifi cant and increased viral load was detected. Changes in the functional capacity of neutrophils of cervical mucus consisted in a signifi cant decrease in phagocytic reaction, oxygen-dependent metabolism, expressed in inhibition of activity and intensity of spontaneous and induced NST-tests in comparison with similar parameters of the control group.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):311-316
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“Skin window” cytokines in bronchial asthma associated with food allergy

Isaev P..., Климов V..., Romanova M..., Sviridova V..., Naidina O..., Pronina N...


95 patients at the age of 18–60 years with bronchial asthma, perennial allergic rhinitis with or without associated food allergy were examined. There have been carried out the study of IFN-g, IL-4, IL-17 and IL-22 in skin exudates that enabled to reveal an essential increase in IL-22 in persons with food allergy.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):317-320
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IgAs, IL-4, and BAFF in nasal fluid and CD20+ B cells in nasopharyngeal tonsil in transient hypogammaglobulinaemia of infancy

Климов V..., Klimov A...


24 children at the age from 6 months to 4 years with recurrent respiratory infections and 12 children at the same age with transient hypogammaglobulinaemia of infancy (THI) were examined. An essential decrease in IgAs and BAFF in nasal fl uid and the CD20+ expression on nasopharyngeal tonsil’s B cells in children with THI has registered.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):321-324
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Methods of correction of the functional infringements of phagocytes and local manifestations of oxidative stress in the multiple shell of the nose region with use of ultrasound cavitation

Korkmazov A..., Korkmazov M...


The results of studying the eff ectiveness of the use of ultrasound cavitation therapy in patients with curvature of the nasal septum in the early postoperative period are presented. Research methods: microbiological, immunological (assessment of phagocytosis activity and intensity, nitrous tetrazolium reduction test), biochemical (investigation of lipoperoxidation intensity in terms of primary, secondary and fi nal products of lipid peroxidation: diene conjugates, ketodienes and conjugated trines, Schiff bases in lipid extract), statistical. Positive dynamics of functional and biochemical activity of neutrophilic granulocytes in nasal washings in persons who underwent rhinosurgical intervention after ultrasound cavitation therapy is shown, which indicates the presence of qualitative and quantitative changes in neutrophilic granulocytes of nasal secretion, recorded in reactions of oxygen-dependent metabolism, free radical oxidation and antioxidant protection using the method ultrasound cavitation therapy in early postoperative period.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):325-328
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CD57 expression by peripheral blood cytotoxic T cells in sarcoidosis

Kudryavtsev I..., Lazareva N..., Baranova O..., Serebriakova M..., Ses’ T..., Ilkovich M..., Totolyan A...


Using 10-color fl ow cytometry we characterized cytotoxic T cell subsets based on expression of CD45RA, CD62L, CD27, and CD28 and compared the expression of CD57 between these subsets in peripheral blood sample from patients with chronic sarcoidosis (n=46) and healthy volunteers (n=46). Circulating naive, central and eff ector memory as well as TEMRA CD3+CD8+ cells of sarcoidosis patients contained signifi cantly increased proportions CD57+ cells when compared with healthy controls. Interestingly, CD57 expression was increased in subsets with ‘non mature’ and intermediate phenotypes – EM1, EM2, EM4, pE1 and pE2. Our results indicate the involvement of CD3+CD8+ in maintenance in sarcoidosis as well as suggest CD57-positive cells to be the novel target for evaluation the eff ectiveness of sarcoidosis therapy.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):329-334
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Modulation of functional activity of mast cells by cholinergic agents

Kutukova N..., Nazarov P...


Being immunocompetent cells, mast cells at the same time have a number of properties characteristic of cells of the nervous system, which is why they are often viewed as key intermediaries between the integrating systems of the body. There is an increasing interest of the scientifi c community in the anti-infl ammatory activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. Despite this, the question of the mechanisms of cholinergic regulation of mast cells has not been studied suffi ciently. As a model of mast cells, we used the HMC-1 human mast line cells. The results of our study showed that carbachol (Cch), a functional analog of acetylcholine, simultaneously exhibits properties of the histamine liberator and the suppressor of IgG-induced activation of mast cells. This dual eff ect of the neurotransmitter may indicate the presence of a cholinergic tone supporting the excitation of mast cells at a certain level. The modulating eff ect of Cch on the functional activity of HMC-1 cells is realized through nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (n-AChR). The data obtained contribute to deepening the concept of the mechanisms of negative regulation of mast cells.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):335-341
pages 335-341 views

Study of migration of nano-dimensional metallic particles in the composition of supernatants on the model of inbreed mobiles BALB-CJ

Labis V..., Bazikyan E..., Manskih V..., Sizova S..., Khaidukov S..., Kozlov I...


The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability of migration into the immunocompetent organs of nanoscale metal particles in the composition of supernatants. The goal is to model peritonitis, with intraperitoneal administration of solutions, in particular, with induction and without induction by lipopolysaccharide. Nanoscale metal particles were obtained in the laboratory from the surface of the dental implants “Nobel Biocare” and “Alpha BiO” in the composition of supernatants. In the experiment, 12 inbred mice, divided conditionally into 3 groups were injected with solutions: antibiotic, nanoscale particles obtained from two systems of dental implants in supernatants. On day 10 three organs were examined: the liver, kidney and spleen. A histological study indicated the presence of Al2O3, nanoparticles, found on the boundary between white and red pulp inside macrophages in the group injected with supernatants taken from «Alpha BIO» surface.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):342-347
pages 342-347 views

Peripheral blood cytotoxic T cells in patients with sarcoidosis

Lazareva N..., Kudryavtsev I..., Baranova O..., Serebriakova M..., Ses’ T..., Ilkovich M..., Totolyan A...


Based on CD45RA, CD62L, CD27 и CD28 expression several subsets of peripheral blood CD3+CD8+ lymphocytes were measured in patients with chronic sarcoidosis (n=46). The percentage of “non-eff ector” CD3+CD8+ subsets – “naïve” and central memory – were decreased in comparison with healthy control group (n=46), whereas the relative number of TEMRA cells was signifi cantly increased. Within EM subset percentage of EM1 cells was lower in sarcoidosis group, while among TEMRA the relative number of рЕ2 and mature eff ector cells were increased if compared with healthy control group. Thereby, our results indicate the intensifi cation of CD3+CD8+ lymphocytes maturation in the lymphoid tissue under a constant antigenic stimulation.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):348-353
pages 348-353 views

Analysis of subpopulation composition of Th-lymphocytes in peripheral blood in women with miscarriage

Loginova Y..., Abramovskikh O...


The results of the study of the analysis of the subpopulation composition of Th-lymphocytes in peripheral blood in women with miscarriage. The peripheral venous blood of the subjects served as a material for the study. The determination of T-lymphocytes (CD3+CD4+) and their subpopulations (Th1, Th2, Th17, Th17 / Th1) was performed by fl ow cytometry. It was found that the level of Th1, Th2, Th17 and Th17 / Th1 in peripheral blood in women with miscarriage is higher in comparison with the group of conditionally healthy women with two or more successful pregnancies in pairs with the same partner, which is associated with increased reactivity of the immune system (in particular, the cellular unit) in relation to the semialogenic fetus.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):354-357
pages 354-357 views

Prediction of papillomavirus infection by after therapy of women and men from family couples

Markeeva D..., Telesheva L..., Lysenko O..., Baisakalova E...


An important role in carcinogenesis in both women and men is played by the immune system. With a high established classifi cation accuracy by the method of discriminant analysis was revealed that in women from married couples with HPV VKR the fi nal function allows to determine the prognosis of the eff ectiveness of the elimination of the virus after the treatment as a result of substituting the value of the functional reserve of neutrophils of cervical mucus in the function, while the fi nal result is compared with the values of centroids 1.163 and –0.263, i. e. at a higher value of the last HPV, stimulation is not detected (p <0.002). In men from married couples, when substituting in the analogous formula the functions of the absolute neutrophil viability, the functional reserve of the neutrophils of the ejaculate, and the viral load, the centroid values fi t into the values 11,700 and –1,003 and the HPV of stimulation is not detected at a higher value of the fi nal result (p <0.001).

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):358-364
pages 358-364 views

Integral blood indexes to demonstrate high sensitivity and reliability in mass ecologic survey in healthy persons, in sportsmen, in pregnant women, and in pulmonary patients

Melnikov I..., Sashenkov S..., Komarova I..., Akleev A...


The results of a comparative study of the peripheral blood parameters in South Urals city dwellers, and in sportsmen of diff erent sports qualifi cations or specializations, and in patients with chronic pulmonary diseases, and in pregnant women with pre-eclampsia threat of early or late manifestation, was carried out with the accent on integral peripheral blood indicators. It was shown, that integral blood indicators to obtain high sensitivity to respond to adverse changes in peripheral blood changes, and increased reliability to show adverse changes in indicators, often remaining statistically unreliable and even staying within normal values limits. Adverse changes in integral indicators were associated with unfavorable trends of changes in local ecological situation during survey, with demonstration of unfavorable deviations in the cytogenetic test values and mutagenic infl uence, with unfavorable signs of changes in the ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland in healthy individuals, were also associated with changes in the course of diseases in patients with respiratory system pathology, were associated with the dynamics of qualifi cation changes in sportmen of diff erent sports specialization with aerobic or anaerobic metabolism, and were analyzed to be probable pre-eclampsia predictors in pregnant women.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):365-370
pages 365-370 views

Influence of passive tobacco could on the rate of rats Vistar: physiological and immunological aspects

Miroshnichenko I..., Mikhailova I..., Isengulova A..., Pushkareva L..., Tikhonov V..., Shirshov O...


A study of physiological and immunological parameters in rats aged 1 to 30 days, born from passively smoking Wistar rats, revealed a signifi cant lag in their somatic and sensorimotor development. In rats born from females exposed to passive smoking, there was a decrease in the mass of the thymus, spleen, and splenocytes.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):371-374
pages 371-374 views

Immunomodulatory therapy post-infectious disorders of fertility

Mikhailova E..., Machalova G..., Zherebyateva O..., Kirgozova S..., Aznabaeva L..., Fomina M..., Ukubaeva D..., Mironov A...



Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):375-378
pages 375-378 views

The modulatory effects of glucosaminylmuramildipeptide on the transformed phenotype of the subset of IFNα/βR1+IFNγR+TLR4+ neutrophilic granulocytes of patients with chronic herpes-viral infections in the experiment in vitro

Nesterova I..., Nguyen T..., Khalturina E..., Khaidukov S..., Guryanova S...



Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):379-384
pages 379-384 views

Spontaneous and stimulated CD25 expression on T-lymphocytes and the amount of regulatory T-cells in children with chronic hepatitis C

Pashnina I...


Children of 6–17 years old with viral chronic hepatitis C (n=24) and conditionally healthy controls of corresponding age (n=32) were examined. The amount of CD3+CD25+, CD4+CD25+ и CD8+CD25+ and regulatory T-cells (Treg, CD3+CD4+CD25+CD127low/neg) were investigated by fl ow cytometry. In children with chronic hepatitis C the number of phytohemagglutinin-stimulated CD3+CD25+, CD4+CD25+ and Treg was decreased, the amount of CD8+CD25+ in conditions of stimulation by antibodies to CD3 and combined stimulation by antibodies to CD3 and CD28 was too decreased.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):385-390
pages 385-390 views

Subpopulation structure of T-lymphocytes in children with diff erent activity of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Pashnina I...


Children of 6–17 years old with diff erent activity of juvenile idiopathic arthritis were examined: 74 with active arthritis and 14 with remission were treated with disease modifying therapy, 12 children with persistent remission and 32 apparently healthy children were without medications. The amount of CD3+, CD3+CD4+, CD3+CD8+, СD3+СD4–СD8–, СD3+СD4+СD8+, СD3+СD16/56+, СD3+СD4+СD25+СD127low/neg and СD3+СD4+СD25+СD127+ were investigated by fl ow cytometry. In all children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis the number regulatory T-cells (CD3+CD4+CD25+CD127low/neg) and double-positive lymphocytes (СD3+СD4+СD8+) was decreased. The amount of NKT (СD3+СD16/56+) in patients with active arthritis and with remission was too decreased.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):391-395
pages 391-395 views

Morphological diversity of intactical macrophages of various localization

Pozdina V..., Ulitko M..., Danilova I...



Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):396-401
pages 396-401 views

Immunological markers of early diagnostics of posttraumatic osteomielitis of the lower jaw

Popova E..., Kostushko A..., Dubov V..., Milekhina S...


The article presents an assessment of the systemic level of tumor necrosis factor α, interferon γ, interleukin- 4, interleukin-10, matrix metalloproteinase-9 and tissue inhibitor-1 type in patients with posttraumatic osteomyelitis and uncomplicated mandible fractures. The study identifi ed indicators of the system of Pro-and anti-infl ammatory cytokines, indicating their signifi cant role in the immunopathogenesis of post-traumatic osteomyelitis of the mandible. Identifi cation of additional markers for the diagnosis of posttraumatic osteomyelitis of the mandible (TNF, IFN-γ, IL-10), the defi nition of which at the beginning of therapy and the dynamics of its implementation will allow for a more personalized approach to the management of this category of patients

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):402-406
pages 402-406 views

Comparative analysis of the indicators of the functional activity of neutrophils peripheral blood in patients with sepisis depending on the exodusion

Savochkina A..., Pykhova L..., Abramovskikh O..., Poltorak A..., Chetvernina E...


A comparative analysis of the functional activity of peripheral blood neutrophils in patients with sepsis was performed depending on the outcome for the last 24 hours. The subject of the study was the peripheral blood of patients with sepsis. An increase in the total number of leukocytes, neutrophil extracellular traps and the activity of intracellular oxygen-dependent neutrophil metabolism in deceased patients as compared with the group of live cells was revealed.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):407-411
pages 407-411 views

Dependence of neutrophiles respiratory burst from the state of their metabolic processes in patients with chronic endometritis and adnexitis

Savchenko A..., Kasparov E..., Arutjunjan S..., Borisov A..., Gvozdev I...


The purpose of this work was to study the dependence of neutrophils respiratory burst from the activity of NAD(P)-dependent dehydrogenases in patients with chronic endometritis and adnexitis. The study involved 89 women of reproductive age with chronic endometritis and adnexitis. As a control were examined 98 healthy women of a similar age range. The respiratory burst condition of blood neutrophils was examined using a chemiluminescent assay. Investigation of the NAD(P)-dependent dehydrogenases activity in neutrophils was carried out using the bioluminescent method. A high intensity of the respiratory explosion of neutrophils was detected in chronic endometritis that was determined by an increase in the synthesis of primary and secondary reactive oxygen species (ROS). In patients with chronic adnexitis a respiratory burst of neutrophils occurs in the imbalance of synthesis of primary and secondary ROS: with a reduced activity of NADPH-oxidase there was a high level of secondary ROS synthesis. Metabolism of neutrophils in women with infectious and infl ammatory diseases of the pelvic organs is characterized by a high level of lipid metabolism and NAD-dependent substrate fl ow between the reactions of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and the amino acid exchange. A feature of neutrophil metabolism in chronic endometritis is the high activity of malate dehydrogenase. Characteristic features of neutrophil granulocyte metabolism in patients with chronic adnexitis are a decrease in the intensity of anaerobic glycolysis and NADP-dependent substrate fl ow between the reactions of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and the amino acid exchange. The relationship between respiratory explosion rates and neutrophil metabolism in chronic endometritis refl ects the inhibitory eff ect of the anaerobic reaction of lactate dehydrogenase on the induced synthesis of primary ROS. The respiratory explosion of neutrophils in women with chronic adnexitis depends on the activity of NADP-dependent dehydrogenases, but with the pronounced eff ect of enzymes in the energy profi le. A characteristic feature of chronic adnexitis also is a stimulating eff ect on the synthesis of primary ROS activity of glutathione reductase. Determination of the metabolic regulation mechanisms of respiratory burst in neutrophils allows us to characterize the regulatory aspects of immunopathogenesis of infectious and infl ammatory diseases and can be the basis for the development of new methods of immunometabolic therapy.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):412-422
pages 412-422 views

Dynamics of the functional status of neutrophilic granulocytes of urogenital secrets and neutrophiles allocated from the peripheral blood of women in various phase of the menstrual cycle

Samuseva I...


The paper presents the results of analysis of the dynamics of the phagocytic reaction of neutrophils and the formation of extracellular DNA networks in the secrets of the urogenital tract and in the isolated pure fraction of neutrophilic granulocytes in the presence of cellular activators, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. It was found that the functional status of neutrophils in conditionally healthy women in the second half of the menstrual cycle is higher in comparison with the fi rst. This is probably due to increased reactivity of neutrophils with a more pronounced female hormonal profi le, which is observed in the second phase of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy, which apparently plays an important role in protecting the urogenital tract of the pregnant woman and fetus.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):423-427
pages 423-427 views

Diverse and cross-linking sensitization in asthma and other atopic allergic conditions

Sviridova V..., Isaev P..., Romanova M..., Koshkarova N..., Koshovkina T..., Shkatova A...


Role of allergen-associated molecular patterns as possible factors in the development of cross-linking sensitization to allergens is described, and diff erent allergens, which may count for much before the choice of allergen-specifi c immunotherapy are elucidated in patients with asthma and other atopic allergic conditions.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):428-433
pages 428-433 views

Comparative evaluation of influence of immunomodulators on the development of experimental synegne infection

Smolyagin A..., Frolov B..., Filippova Y..., Panfilova Т..., Zheleznova A..., Ermolina E..., Sarychevа Y..., Tokareva A...


A comparative study of the protective eff ect of miliacin and galavit in the case of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in mice was carried out. It was established that miliacin and galavit reduced the death of animals, limited hypoplasia of the thymus and bone marrow, reduced the stimulated production of IL-17.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):434-438
pages 434-438 views

Influence of macrophage modulation on the state of extra islet insulin-producing system in hypergycemia

Sokolova K..., Belousova A..., Gette I..., Danilova I..., Abidov M...


Restoring of insulin-synthesizing cell pool by means of macrophage activity modulation can be a promising direction in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Modeling of type 2 diabetes mellitus in rats (110 mg / kg of nicotinamide and 65 mg / kg of streptozotocin) caused a spontaneous compensatory increase in the number of extra islet insulin-producing cells up to 30 days, followed by a decrease in the number of these cells by 60 days without enhancing their functional activity. Modulation of macrophage activity with the administration of aminophthalhydrazide (2 mg / kg, 20 injections) to diabetic rats was accompanied by an increase in the number of the extra islet insulin-producing cells, the accumulation of insulin in all the studied groups of these cells, and a reduction in hyperglycemia.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):439-443
pages 439-443 views

Polymorphisms of the promote region of the TNFA gene and their two-locus haplotypes in patients with ulcerative colitis russian population of the Chelyabinsk region

Stashkevich D..., Kobelyatskaya A..., Burmistrova A...


The results of the study on the distribution of frequency of occurrence of allelic variants, genotypes and haplotypes of polymorphisms of the gene TNFA-1031T/C, –863C/A, –308G/A, –238G/A in patients with nonspecifi c ulcerative colitis of the Russian population of the Chelyabinsk region are presented. Genotyping of the TNFA promoter region was carried out by polymorphism of restriction fragment lengths followed by detection by horizontal electrophoresis in 3% agarose gel. In the group of patients with UC, an increase in the frequency of occurrence of the TNFA-238*A allele, the heterozygous genotype of TNFA-238GA, the homozygous genotype from the ancestral allele –863CC, the two-locus haplotypes TNFA-863*CTNFA- 238*A, TNFA-308*G-TNFA-238*A, TNFA-238*A-TNFA-1031*C was found. In the group of patients carriers of heterozygous genotype TNFA-863C/A, homozygous genotype TNFA-238GG, two-locus haplotypes TNFA-308*G-TNFA-238*G, TNFA-238*G-TNFA-1031*C were less common. Inherited models for the following polymorphic sites of the TNFA gene have been identifi ed: a superdominant model is characteristic of TNFA-863C/A, and codominant – for TNFA-238G/A. The obtained data indicate that polymorphism –238G/A TNFA is signifi cant for the for development of predisposition to ulcerative colitis.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):444-448
pages 444-448 views

The role of TCR-activation in the formation of small subpopulations of T helpers

Timganova V., Zamorina S., Bochkova M., Khramtsov P., Raev M...


The role of the independent eff ect of TCR-activation in the formation of small subpopulations of T-helpers (Treg, TCM, TEM, TEMRA) was studied. It was shown that under the conditions of TCR activation, cells were redistributed in favor of eff ector subpopulations (TEM, TEMRA), while the number of naive T cells and TCM decreased. What about Treg, it was demonstrated that TCR-activation of cells resulted in increased intracellular expression of FOXP3, HELIOS and CTLA-4. In general, the presence of the TCR-activator leads to an increase in the number of eff ector T-helpers, which is accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the level of suppressive Treg.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):449-453
pages 449-453 views

Influence of time of cultivation of Staphylococcus aureus on the production of cytokine-like substances that detected by ELISA

Fomina L..., Zurochka V..., Symbircev A..., Gritsenko V...


The paper presents the results of the study of supernatants 24 and 48 hours cultures of various strains of Staphylococcus aureus by the method of enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) by means of test-systems for determining the levels of human cytokines INF-α, INF-γ, IL-1Ra, IL-1β, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-17, TNF-α (“Cytokine”, St. Petersburg). It has been established that a number of strains of staphylococci are able to secrete various cytokine-like substances (CLSs), determined by test systems for ELISA, in the incubation medium. The highest rates were established for CLSs, “identical” to human cytokines INF-γ, INF-α, IL-4 and IL-1Ra. The remaining CLSs were determined in minimum concentrations. At the same time, the level of bacterial CLSs that was detected in high concentrations signifi cantly increased signifi - cantly with increasing incubation time of S. aureus from 24 to 48 hours.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):454-459
pages 454-459 views

Comparative evaluation cytokine-like activity of Staphylococcus aureus by methods multiplex and ELISA

Fomina L..., Fayzullina A..., Zurochka V..., Dobrynina M..., Symbircev A..., Gritsenko V...


The paper presents the results of investigations of supernatants of the daily broth cultures of Staphylococcus aureus to the defi nition of cytokine-like substances (INF-γ, INF-α, IL-1Ra, IL-1, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-17a, TNF-α) by the method of enzyme immunoassay with the use of the “Cytokine” kits (St. Petersburg), as well as multiplex analysis using the BioRad immunofl uorescence test-systems (USA) and Multiplex (Luminex, USA). It was found that cytokine-like substances (IL-1Ra, IL-1β, TNFalfa and INF-γ) were detected in supernatants of some strains of Staphylococcus aureus by both methods (immunoenzyme and immunofl uorescent), whereas IL-10, IL-6, IL-8 and IL-17a were determined only by immunofl uorescent method, but INF-α – only by enzyme immunoassay. It was noted that a part of the cytokine-like substances in a greater concentration were determined by the method of immunofl uorescence analysis (IL-1Ra, TNF-alfa), and also as INF-γ and IL-4 by the method of enzyme immunoassay.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):460-465
pages 460-465 views

Miliacin triterphenoid as a means of improving effective impact on bacterial intestinal infection

Frolov B..., Smolyagin A..., Chainikova I..., Filippova Y..., Panfilova Т..., Zheleznova A..., Ermolina E..., Sarychevа Y...


Triterpenoid of vegetable origin miliacin has a protective eff ect in experimental salmonella infection, manifested by a decrease in: animal death, organ contamination, bone marrow hypoplasia, thymus, endotoxinemia, nitric oxide production by macrophages, accumulation of oxidative stress products. The immunomodulatory eff ect of miliacin is combined with a modifying effect on the biological properties of salmonella.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):466-470
pages 466-470 views

New methods for the formation of groups of the immunocompromised children with recurrent respiratory infections with using of discrete-dynamic analysis

Kharina D...


The problem of frequently and long-term ill children suff ering from recurrent acute respiratory infections remains an urgent problem today. We have studied the structure of morbidity in young children, scientifi cally substantiated, developed and applied an algorithm for the formation of groups of children, often and rarely suff ering from respiratory infections, using a questionnaire-interview and criteria obtained during discrete-dynamic analysis, as well as on the basis of clinical and immunological studies. The possibility of using prognostic tables obtained during discrete-dynamic analysis to identify children at risk for the development of recurrent respiratory infections for further early prevention of recurrent respiratory infections and immunorehabilitation is shown

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):471-478
pages 471-478 views

Spermatogenesis and mast cells of the testes with damage and against the background of the introduction of glucocorticosteroids

Khramtsova Y..., Tуumentseva N..., Artashyan O..., Bukharina A...


The immune system plays an important role in the regulation of restorative processes in various tissues and organs, including immunoprivileged ones, which include the testes. Mast cells (TK) are one of the elements of the microenvironment of the testis and take part in maintaining testicular homeostasis. With various traumas of testes, therapy with corticosteroids with anti-infl ammatory and immunosuppressive properties is indicated. The role of TC in the process of recovery of spermatogenesis with the administration of corticosteroids remains unknown, which was the purpose of this study. It was found that after damage to the hemato-testicular barrier of rats, against the background of the introduction of prednisolone, there is an increase in the synthetic activity of TC, with an invariable in the number and the level of degranulation. This phenomenon is refl ected positively on the process of recovery of spermatogenesis, the development of destructive processes is weakened, as there is a tendency to increase the number of spermatogonia and decrease the number of nonfunctioning tubules.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):479-485
pages 479-485 views

Effects of influences of recombinant IFNα2b on the level of expression of the CD16, CD66b, CD33, CD11b receptors of neutrophilic granulocytes of conditionally healthy children in the experiment in vitro

Chudilova G..., Nesterova I..., Rusinova T..., Kovaleva S..., Lomtatidze L..., Tarakanov V..., Verevkina V..., Pavlenko V...


The polyfunctionality of neutrophilic granulocytes (NG) is the result of the rich equipment of NGs by structures that respond subtly to changes in the extracellular environment and intracellular processes. At the present time there is a wave of publications that note the importance of the full participation of NG in the cascade of immunological reactions. Wherein the authors assign a key role to NG, both at the start-up and subsequent regulation and realization of the immune response. The existence of diff erent populations of NGs diff ering in the profi le of equipping with membrane antigens and exhibiting various functional possibilities is shown. The aim of this study was to study the eff ects of recombinant IFNα2b (rIFNα2b) on a non-transformed and experimentally transformed subpopulation CD16+CD66b+CD33+CD11b+NG in vitro of peripheral blood samples of conditionally healthy children. The expression level of the membrane NG receptors was determined by fl ow cytometry. The studied indicators of untransformed NG (control) and NG after incubation with rIFNα2b and N-formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine (fMLP) were assessed. The immunoregulatory eff ect of rIFNα2b on the nontransformed phenotype CD16+CD66b+CD33+CD11b+NG and the immunomodulatory eff ects of rIFNα2b on the fMLP-transformed NG phenotype of peripheral blood of conditionally healthy children were established.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):486-492
pages 486-492 views

Immunotoxic effect of carbon tetrachloride

Shafigullina Z..., Medvedeva S..., Danilova I...


This article presents an estimate of the number of cells with the content of heat shock protein HSP70, as well as the level of tumor necrosis factor TNF-α and IL-10 under conditions of intoxication with tetrachloromethane (CCl4). It was shown that the number of cells containing HSP70 protein granules signifi cantly increased in the thymus and spleen cells on day 3 after administration of the toxicant. The toxic eff ect of CCl4 leads to an increase in the level of TNF-α and a decrease in IL-10 in blood plasma. The results showed that the response of the body to intraperitoneal administration of CCl4 is manifested by an increase in the production of HSP70 and TNF-α, which can serve as markers of cellular damage and has prognostic and diagnostic signifi cance.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):493-499
pages 493-499 views

A comparative assessment of the effect of secretory products of neutrophils previously exposed to simulated low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of natural and anthropogenic origin on the biofilm-forming ability of microorganisms isolated from the oral cavity of persons using dental orthopedic constructions

Shishkova Y..., Darovskikh S..., Babikova M..., Vdovina N..., Vildanova O..., Dolgushin I...


We presented the results of a comparative evaluation of the eff ect of secretory products of neutrophils previously exposed to simulated low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of natural and anthropogenic (technogenic) origin on the biofi lm-forming ability of microorganisms isolated from the oral cavity of persons using dental orthopedic constructions. It was established that electromagnetic radiation, both natural and technogenic, has a diff erentiated eff ect on the functioning of neutrophilic granulocytes. It manifests itself in the diff erentiated eff ect of these radiations on the processes of biofi lm formation of streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli and lactobacilli. The results obtained open the way for the development of measures for the prevention and correction of infectious processes in the oral cavity with the use of low-intensity EMR.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):500-505
pages 500-505 views

Influence of natural and technogenic low-intensity electromagnetic radiation on the phagocytarial activity of neutrophilic granulocytes, their ability to formation of neutrophilic extraculative traces and biological film formation of microorganisms

Shishkova Y..., Galagudin I..., Pishchalnikov A..., Darovskikh S..., Babikova M...


Modeled NEMI, similar to natural, without aff ecting the persistence of resident representatives of microfl ora, increasing the phagocytic capacity of neutrophilic granulocytes and stimulating the formation of NVL, can participate in enhancing the anti-infection protection of the human body. Otherwise, the technogenic NEMI acts, in which the phagocytic capacity of neutrophils is suppressed, and every 5 of them forms an extracellular network of DNA strands. Technogenic NEMI inhibits the ability to synthesize biofi lm representatives of the normal fl ora of the human body, thereby violating the colonization resistance of the mucous membranes. Technogenic NEMI can contribute to disruption of homeostasis and development of pathological processes in the human body.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):506-512
pages 506-512 views

Experimental assessment of the antiviral effect peptide of the containing substance with silicon zinc glitserogidrogel’s maintenances

Shchipacheva O..., Tuzankina I..., Simbirtsev A..., Honina T..., Malchikov I...


In work results of an experimental assessment of infl uence of peptid the containing substance and silicium and tsink the containing glicerogel on model of an infl uenzal infection are covered. Objects of research, white not purebred mice who in the period of infection, intranazalno received the above described substances according to the scheme. As a result, in the analysis of survival, at the initial stage, the best result was found in group of mice with peptid the containing substance.

Russian Journal of Immunology. 2018;21(3):513-516
pages 513-516 views

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